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Thomas Eckschmidt is a cofounder of Conscious Capitalism Brazil. After a successful global corporate career, he dove into a purposeful entrepreneurial journey, launching five different conscious companies celebrated with 10 business awards. He is the author of several books, including Fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism, published in Portuguese. He is currently a trusted business adviser serving on several different boards.

Thomas Eckschmidt

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Raj Sisodia is the coauthor, along with Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey, of the bestselling book, Conscious Capitalism. He is a cofounder, trustee, and chairman emeritus of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., and the author of ten books and over 100 articles. He is the F.W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business at Babson College. 

Raj Sisodia

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Timothy Henry is the founder of Arete Management and a cofounder of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., where he is a trustee and member of the executive leadership team. He has been a trusted business adviser for over 30 years and works with companies around the world, from the Fortune 20 to entrepreneurial owner-managed businesses.

Timothy Henry

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 Haley Rushing is a co-founder of GSD&M's Idea City and serves as its Senior Vice President, Chief Planning Officer and Chief Purposologist of Purpose Institute. Ms. Rushing served for more than a decade as the Chief Architect of GSD&M's Idea City’s Purpose-Based Branding philosophy, helping its clients discover their ultimate purpose and align it with customers’ needs

Haley Rushing

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Jessica Agneessens is a cultural warrior at Whole Foods Markets. Her passion, organizational acuteness and downright scrappiness has landed her at the helm of Whole Foods Market’s Training Organization. As creator of the company’s training material for leaders, she helps prepare leaders, both inside and outside of Whole Foods Market, to lead by creating a culture of meaning and purpose.

Jessica Agneessens

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William Ury,

Co-author of Getting to Yes and author of Getting to Yes with Yourself

“If you believe as I do that the future well-being of our world depends on capitalism becoming conscious, then read this book. A valuable workbook on how to turn business relationships from win-lose into win-win-win.”

Tony Schwartz,

CEO, The Energy Project, author of “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working”

This timely guide to building a more human and more sustainably high performing organization is concrete, actionable, and suffused with the passion of its authors to create great workplaces and change the experience of all of us who spend the greater part of our lives at the office!


Paul Polman,

CEO, Unilever

“This book represents a compelling account of why the successful companies of the future will be those rooted in a deeper sense of purpose, which it combines with a highly practical road-map on how to move from aspiration to action.”


Chade-Meng Tan,

Former “Jolly Good Fellow” at Google

New York Times Bestselling Author of Joy on Demand and Search Inside Yourself

Adjunct Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

"The world needs more conscious businesses that can promote human flourishing, heal the planet and bring about world peace! This Field Guide illuminates the path that businesses can take to become more conscious. It should be essential reading in boardroom and business schools."

Ron Shaich,

Founder, chairman and CEO of Panera Bread

Until I was called a conscious capitalist, I didn’t know I was one. Now we not only have an increasingly robust movement, but we have best practices to fuel it. This book is a road map for corporate leaders interested in creating cultures that value innovation and social consciousness and building successful organizations that make a positive impact on the world. I’m very proud to be a conscious capitalist and even prouder that this action-oriented field guide makes it easier for others to join our ranks.


Simon Sinek,

Authos of "Start with Wy" and "Leaders Eat Last"

To Be updated ... ... ... ...The world needs more conscious businesses that can promote human flourishing, heal the planet and bring about world peace! This Field Guide illuminates the path that businesses can take to become more conscious. It should be essentiual reading in boardroom and business schools.




John Mackey and Raj Sisodia's iconic book, Conscious Capitalism, introduced business leaders to a set of core principles--higher purpose, stakeholder integration, conscious leadership, and conscious culture--that are being widely adopted by leading companies around the world and transforming how they do business. Now, a "field guide" codifies these best practices, with a systematic process and proven tools for sharing and implementing the four core principles throughout the organization.

This practical guide provides hands-on materials--exercises, assessments, and checklists--used to implement the tenets of conscious capitalism and build conscious leadership in companies such as Whole Foods Market, Southwest Airlines, Life is Good, The Container Store, Barry-Wehmiller, Zappos, and many others. Organized according to each of the four core principles, chapters provide exercises, worksheets, and instructions--for use both individually and with teams--as well as advice, examples, and real-life stories to help leaders apply these ideas and make them come alive in their organizations. This is the authoritative resource for practicing higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious culture, and conscious leadership--and becoming a more conscious organization.


By John Mackey, Cofounder and CEO,
Whole Foods Market​

     In the five years since Raj Sisodia and I wrote Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, society has seen the remarkable growth of Conscious Capitalism. It is steadily becoming a worldwide movement to change how we think about business and how we conduct it. Many thousands of businesses are now inspired with a higher purpose beyond simply maximizing profi ts. Indeed, countless young entrepreneurs are starting up businesses, with their highest intention being to make the world a better place and to elevate humanity. Social entrepreneurs are creating many thousands of organizations that seek to solve the challenges we collectively face. Increasingly, the boundaries between business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs are beginning to blur as their higher purposes intermingle with one another.



What This Book Is, and Who It’s For

     Conscious Capitalism is a philosophy—along with a set of guiding principles and best practices—based on the simple idea that business is about more than making a profi t. It is an approach to business built on the fundamental, universal truth that people aspire to more—to meaning and purpose, and to flourishing and fulfi llment.
     Conscious Capitalism does not hold the notion of profi t in contempt—no business could exist without making money. Rather, the philosophy provides an alternative approach to the essential pursuit of profi ts, one that emphasizes ideas like trust, collaboration, and compassion. It says that business is good, even heroic, because it creates prosperity. And it says that it can do so much more to elevate humanity than most people think possible.



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